Brought to you by Nina, The Holistic Gundog Specialist at Confident Canine in Essex - "Balancing Both Ends Of The Lead!"

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Online 121 TRAINING

Get help directly from me, Nina the Holistic Gundog Specialist. Learn tips and tricks specifically for you and your dog, helping balance both ends of the lead. Find out how holistic techniques can bring balance to mind, body & soul. Discover physical activities, targeted solutions, support & motivation.

Good Gundog
private podcast

The Good Gundog is a private podcast.

This private podcast consists of regular, tips, short conversations, training feedback and ideas to help you stay motivated in your training and provide food for thought about your training and everyday life with your gundog breed.

To find out more about access to this private podcast click the Learn More button below.


Holistic Dog
FREE podcast -

Holistic Dog is a public podcast for all dogs!
This public podcast is free and consists of tips, short conversations, training talk and ideas to help you understand your dog in a more holistic way. If you would like to take a listen simply click HERE.


om dog program

Dog can't settle? Overreacting to everything? Bark at every little noise? Stressing all day long? Manically jumping &/or mouthing when over-excited? How would it feel to be able to walk in peace, calmly call your dog back, relax with no need for a 'plan B' on walks and be at ease with your dog walking by your side?

Experience the transformational power of holistic techniques along side positive, reward-based training. Transform Your Dog’s Emotional Journey with the Om Dog Program!
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