Nina, The Holistic Gundog Specialist at Confident Canine in Essex, presents

"The Good Gundog Community Membership Group"

Come on in ........


What do you get when you join?




Course Study

Mini course
A self study course with tips and tricks to get you started in the world of positive, reward-based and holistic training for your gundog breed.



Access to The Good Gundog Community.
A community learning and sharing the blend of positive, reward-based training and holistic techniques to raise happy gundogs.

Energy Study

A free exercise to introduce you to recognising and taking control of your energy.

Find out how energy both you and your dog on a daily basis.

Breathwork Exercises

Learn a really simple yet profound breathwork technique to lean on when stressed and use to help in everyday life.

Discover how breathwork can reset things in an instant.

Visualisation Library Access

Access to an Online Library with one sample visualisation from all the following categories: 

  • Visualisations For Canine Lifeskills

  • Visualisations For Owners Of Reactive &/Or Anxious Dogs

  • Energy Work - Understanding how energy affects your gundog

  • Visualisation For Creating Connection


Meditation Library Access

Learn how to use one simple yet effect meditation to practice finding your centre of emotional and energetic balance.

Learn to use resets to effect raining and every day life with your dog. 

Simple yet highly effective techniques you can make part of your everyday life.

Mindfulness Library Access

Mindfulness exercises are incredible, teaching both you and your dog to be fully present in a given moment.

No stressing about what just happened or worrying about what is around the corner.

Access one powerful mindfulness exercise to learn a state of mind that brings balance to you and your gundog.

Affirmation Library Access

This library will gives you access to a few amazing affirmations to help turn around those repetitive doubts and sabotaging thoughts.

Once you ditch the doubts you can change your story, change your dogs stories with new and improved ones that help create new possibilities via new neural pathways in your brain.

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